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Getting Started with CLAMs


##Before You Start

Before we begin, you should have a passing understanding of what exactly “CLAMs” and the “CLAM Network” are! The CLAMclient is a software program that you run on your Windows, Linux or OSX computer. The software collaborates with other people around the world to provide and secure an international payments system.


The software begins by connecting to the CLAM Network and “sync-ing” the block chain, also known as the ledger. This ledger stores and updates the history of every transaction that has ever occured on the CLAM network. The initial sync can take a bit of time - you can hover over the icon at the bottom of the application to see your progress. Additionally, you may download the “bootstrap.dat” file to speed up this process.

Once your CLAMclient software is connected and sync’d with the network, you may begin receiving and sending CLAMs with other users of the software. To send CLAMs, you simply click the send tab and input the address you would like to send to, the amount you would like to send and click send. To receive CLAMs, you go to the receive tab, create an address and provide that address to the user sending you CLAM.

##Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Download the CLAMclient.

    (OPTIONAL) Download the bootstrap.dat file and place it in the data directory.

    (OPTIONAL) Add peers to the clam.conf file in the data directory.

  2. Run the CLAMclient software.

  3. Wait for the software to sync with the network.

    (OPTIONAL) If you had BTC, LTC or DOGE in May of 2014, you may claim free CLAM.

  4. Once the CLAMclient is sync’d with the network, you can send and receive CLAMs world-wide!

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