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CLAM Project

(C)aritas. (L)ibertas. (A)equitas. (M)onetas.


#Welcome to the CLAM Family!

The CLAM Project is an open source, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, community driven value transfer system. It allows individuals to make payments and transfer value without permission or censorship.

##Open Source

The software that runs the CLAM network is free and open source. Anyone can review and improve the code.


The CLAM network is maintained and validated by the community who uses it. There is no central bank or corporation.


There is no sign-up or user system in the CLAM network. Users use cryptography to create keys which control “coins”/CLAMs at randomly generated addresses.

##Community Driven

CLAMs would not exist today if not for the contribution and support of the community. Thank you.

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