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CLAM Project

(C)aritas. (L)ibertas. (A)equitas. (M)onetas.

Earn CLAMs


You can earn CLAMs in much the same way that you earn your local fiat currency: create a product or provide a service that the CLAM network users would appreciate.

In addition to the conventional ways you earn CLAM, periodically there may be bounties provided for the development or assistance with the CLAM project.

##Contribute to the Project

Remember, CLAMs was the fairest distribution in monetary history, which means that the developers did not keep any CLAMs for themselves. To date, this project has relied almost entirely on volunteers who wish to make the world a better place.

If you’re looking for ideas about where to jump in, then have a look at the CLAMs Development Plan, and jump on board!

###Long Live the Great CLAM!

###No bounties are available now so check back soon.

####Long Live the Great CLAM!

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