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(C)aritas. (L)ibertas. (A)equitas. (M)onetas.



## CLAMspeech: Wrapping, steeping, and sauteing your CLAMs in protected free speech!

Each time a CLAM is minted or moves on the blockchain, the transaction record is now accompanied by text of your choosing. The CLAMspeech feature allows you to pick from a list of religious and political statements, or to enter a custom expression.

The right to free speech is protected by law in much of the world. In order to ban, regulate or censor protected speech, government officials must seek court permission on a case-by-case basis. The burden of proof lies on the government. In such countries, anyone experiencing a legal problem with CLAMs now has a valid argument that their basic right of free speech will have been violated.

CLAMspeech was designed to challenge upcoming legislation such as the “Bit License” in the United States. Such legislative actions are the first attempts by governmental agencies to try to control blockchain-based currencies and services.

### The Silver Wrench

For generations, an elite few have used their vast pooled resources to hold power over the masses, turning the international banking system into something no better than a caste system. Control of our governments through economic tampering, is often enforced on the people, either by violent policing or unnavigable bureaucracy.

This is simply the engine that runs our world. But it is an old and inefficient machine, whose time has come to pass. The obsolete automaton will not pass quietly though, in its death throes it attempts to cling to power through old ways, causing great harm. As its gears grind down, so does it crush innovation, squander resources and deprive people of basic human rights.

At the very heart of this beast are the trust-based services it provides and regulates. Blockchain technology is the ultimate alternative, a silver wrench thrown into the core of this failing system. Those with their fingers at the keypad will do everything in their power to stop the spread of this technology, so we the people must use every tool available to ease the passing of this institution and heal the harm it has caused.

Bit License is a stepping stone towards a much larger agenda. So is CLAMspeech.

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